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To Make the World More Baby-friendly

  • Norimasa Kitazawa President and Chief Executive Officer

Please allow me to begin by extending my sincere gratitude for your ongoing support of Pigeon.

My name is Norimasa Kitazawa and I am the President and Chief Executive Officer of Pigeon Corporation.

Since its establishment in 1957, Pigeon Corporation has been advancing and growing with “Love” as its corporate philosophy and “Only love can beget love” as its credo. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has changed our daily lives dramatically, we have faced and are facing significant changes in the global business environment. In this increasingly uncertain management environment, the Pigeon Group has promoted business with the aim of expanding its scale, thereby maximizing our corporate value. We will achieve this by further intensifying efforts to implement the three major strategies consisting of brand strategy, product strategy, and regional strategy, set out in the 7th Medium-term Business Plan (covering the period from fiscal 2020 through fiscal 2022).

In the Pigeon Way, a cornerstone of all our activities, we have defined our purpose as to “make the world more baby-friendly by furthering our commitment to understanding and addressing babies’ unique needs.” Moreover, in line with this, we have established our brand promise—"Celebrate babies the way they are”—and have continued to disseminate it to people inside and outside the Group. By promoting corporate activities aligned with such purpose and brand promise, we aspire to grow into “a brand that resonates with customers and therefore is chosen by them.”

We will then promptly implement consistent measures by integrating this brand strategy with the product and regional strategies. Specifically, we will focus more on core products that leverage our strengths in such areas as nursing bottles and skincare products. At the same time, we will deliver high value-added products based on solid evidence and develop product line-ups reflecting market characteristics and local customer needs of each country. With these measures in place, we will seek sustainable growth to achieve a milestone sales of \200 billion in about ten years’ time.

Meanwhile, we have formulated Pigeon ESG/SDGs Policy as a policy contributing to the development of a sustainable society. Along with this we will pursue sustainable operations from the ESG perspective, and conduct business activities to contribute to the resolution of social issues covered particularly in SDGs by creating new values through the delivery of products and services.

All the employees of the Pigeon Group will continue to take on challenges toward realizing a society that allows everyone to raise children with peace in mind. I look forward to your continued support on that.

President and CEO  
(Norimasa Kitazawa)