Disclosure Policy

Pigeon Corporation strives to promote understanding among its various stakeholders to build long-term relationships through the appropriate disclosure of material information, so that we may be fairly evaluated.

1. Disclosure criteria

The company bases its swift disclosure on the principles of “transparency,” “fairness,” “continuity” and “timeliness” set out in rules such as those related to the trading of financial products and the “rules concerning the timely disclosure by companies that issue listed securities” published by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereafter the Rules for Timely Disclosure). Furthermore, the company will disclose information not covered by the Rules for Timely Disclosure wherever possible as long as it is judged to be useful to understand the company.

2. Forms of disclosure

Disclosure of information covered by the Rules for Timely Disclosure is disclosed through the Timely Disclosure Network (TD-net) utilized and operated by national stock exchanges. Furthermore, documents such as securities reports and mid-term securities reports are disclosed through the Financial Service Agency’s Electronic Disclosure for Investors' NETwork (EDINET). For information to which the rules do not apply, where the information is judged to be necessary for investment decisions, it will be promptly disclosed through means such as the media or the company's Web site.

3. Quiet period

To ensure fairness as well as to prevent information leaks, the company has set a quiet period from the end of term to the date of results announcements and will refrain from making comments and responding to questions related to financial performance during that period. However, in cases of significant changes in performance during the quiet period, the information will be announced according to the Rules for Timely Disclosure. Furthermore, during the quiet period, the company will respond to questions regarding information that has already been made public.

4. Forward-looking statements

Apart from historical facts, the information that appears on this Web site, such as the medium term business plan, performance forecasts, and business strategies, consists of company forecasts based on management decisions. Accordingly there is no guarantee for such information based on the company’s forecasts and expectations. Because this Website is not designed to solicit investors, users are expected to take responsibility for their own investment decisions.