Pigeon Makes Donation to Municipalities of First Disaster Preparedness Goods for Babies (Japan - Pigeon)



In September 2022, in order to raise awareness of disaster preparedness for babies as an important social issue and emphasize the importance of storing supplies in advance, Pigeon Corporation made donations of Emergency Feeding Cups and Antibacterial/Antiviral Compact Beds from the new “sonaetta” series, Pigeon’s first series of disaster preparedness products for babies, to eight municipalities.

The sonaetta series of disaster preparedness products for babies was born of growing recognition of the need for such supplies for children, and babies in particular, as a natural progression from everyday lifestyles. The series will contain a range of items that can serve as “natural supplies,” useful in everyday life in accordance with babies’ developmental stages, as well as serving an important purpose in case of disaster.

Pigeon also revealed its new “Babies and Preparedness Circle Promotion Project ” declaration (see below) . We will work in cooperation with municipalities and corporations who support the declaration to firmly establish the concept of disaster preparedness for babies in society.

Recipient Municipalities

Kamakura City, Kanagawa

Ikoma City, Nara

Otsuki City, Yamanashi

Miyake Town, Nara

Ibaraki City, Osaka

Kumamoto City, Kumamoto

Miki City, Hyogo

Nobeoka City, Miyazaki

Donated Products and Amounts (Total for All Municipalities)

Disaster Preparedness for Babies website (in Japanese)
Pigeon Disaster Preparedness product page (in Japanese)

Babies and Prepardeness Circle Promotion Project

In order to use the insight into and data on babies that Pigeon has accumulated over the years to keep babies safe and continue to create baby-friendly spaces, no matter what, we hereby declare that we will promote broader awareness of the need to prepare for disaster, beginning with our new series of disaster preparedness products for babies.
We further declare that we will cooperate with municipalities, businesses, and other groups supporting disaster preparedness for babies, and strive to encourage baby-friendly urban planning.

Babies and Preparedness Circle Promotion Project website (in Japanese)

We will continue striving to resolve the social issues facing babies and families in order to make the world more baby-friendly.